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Electronic Cigarettes

Technology has changed everything in our lives. Our entire lifestyle has been revolutionized by technology. From the way we travel to the way we communicate, we can witness the impact of technology everywhere. The horse-carts that were used to help us travel have now been taken over by cars and trains while the mails that were sent through earlier have now transformed into e-mails. And all of this change has been for the better and for our own good.

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes remain another gift of technology and they are obviously for the better too. Tobacco cigarettes have been the only choice for smokers who can’t simply control their urge to light up a cigarette whenever they are going through intense emotions be it happiness or sadness, anger or tension. However, technology has helped paved a way for an alternative for cigarettes as well in the form of electronic cigarettes. You can click here for Information about electronic cigarette to find out more about e-cigarettes.

Just like e-mail totally revolutionized our medium of communication, e-cigarettes have the capacity to change how the world perceives smoking. There is no doubt that half of the world dislikes smokers and cigarettes for what cigarette does to the smoker in particular and to the people and environment around him in general. There is also no doubt that around half of the world who sympathize with the smokers feels that smokers haven’t really got a choice. However, with the emergence of electronic cigarettes, this argument can finally be put to bed and for good reason. Read More...

Information about the electronic cigarette

What is the electronic cigarette?

In a world where the side-effects of smoking are well-known but where smoking continues to be the norm, electronic cigarettes have come as a breath of fresh air. The problem with cigarettes and with smoking, in general, has been their unhealthy side-effects which can prove extremely harmful not only for the smoker but also for the people around him and for the environment. However, what if you take away those unhealthy side-effects? Would people and the world at large still hate cigarettes? Probably not! And this is what an e-cigarette promises! 

There is something for everyone with electronic cigarettes. For the smokers, it provides them a better alternative to normal cigarettes. What is the driving factor that makes smokers smoke cigarettes regardless of all their side-effects? It’s the throat hit and the oral sensation that keeps them addicted while the innate desire to light up a cigarette when tense or happy just doesn’t go away. The electronic cigarette can do that all for the smokers and yet, keep them safe from the harmful side-effects of a traditional cigarette.

For the world in general, the electronic cigarettes offer a relief too. Non-smokers just don’t hate the cigarettes for what they threaten to do with the health of their friends and family but what annoys them equally is the harmful side-effects that they and their environment gets subjected to. The smoke of a traditional cigarette carries carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be pretty dangerous for people who inhale the smoke passively and for the environment where the smoke finally ends up. The electronic cigarette smoke doesn’t have these two most dangerous gases and thus, e-cigs aren’t that much of an issue either for the general public or for the atmosphere at large. You can can click here for Information about the electronic cigarette to know more about the e-cigarette smoke. Read More...

Information about Electronic cigarettes.

With the number of smokers increasing with every passing year, the number of people who are quitting smoking has also seen a massive rise. It is a strange scenario. Nonetheless, a lot of people around the globe have started understanding the negative effects smoking can have on their health. With the world paying more attention to the deadly risks that one runs by indulging in smoking, the awareness is much more than ever before. However, in spite of all the awareness, the number of people who are taking up this bad habit has not really seen any kind of major fall in the recent years. The reason a person takes up smoking can be as wide and varied as the ocean itself you can click here for Information about Electronic cigarettes.. Read More...

I Need an Electronic Cigarette

If you are a smoker, at some time, you would have used the words, “I need a cigarette” and it really is just that- a need. Although non-smokers may argue that you simply “want” a cigarette, you know that if it was as easy as that, there is a good chance that you wouldn’t be a smoker in the first place.

The Facts

The fact is that smoking is harmful in many ways- your health, the health of the people around you, the environment, your bank balance… we’ve all heard the warnings and experienced the criticism. Yet, we continue to smoke. Now some people don’t want to quit. “It’s just my thing” or “I don’t care what the dangers are” are common words that smokers may utter when challenged about their smoking habits. There are other people however who have tried to quit, some many times and some who are really just too scared to try and fail. Some people would love an alternative to smoking a conventional cigarette but what are the alternatives? Are there even any alternatives?

We Have the Answer

Yes, there are alternatives to smoking conventional cigarettes, a great one being Electronic Cigarettes  or commonly known as E-cigarettes or E-cigs. A simple and rather wonderful technological advancement brought to us thanks to years of research and testing. E-cigarettes are better for your health since they don’t contain many of the contaminates that you find in your usual “ciggie”. They are also free from side effects such as yellow teeth, smoke and bad smells that non-smokers always complain about. Electronic cigarettes have the great advantage of providing all the sensations and satisfaction of smoking a conventional cigarette without the nasty accompaniments.   Read More...


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Quitting Smoking was always on my mind. But with the help of the ecig technology and the easy and simple tips here,I was actually able to say No to Smoking. It is nothing short of a miracle.

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People have been trying to quit smoking for ages. With the right assistance, who knew that it would be so simple. Our employees keep each other motivated and are able to get throught the challenges of a no- nicotine plan with ease. 

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