Information about the electronic cigarette

What is the electronic cigarette?

In a world where the side-effects of smoking are well-known but where smoking continues to be the norm, electronic cigarettes have come as a breath of fresh air. The problem with cigarettes and with smoking, in general, has been their unhealthy side-effects which can prove extremely harmful not only for the smoker but also for the people around him and for the environment. However, what if you take away those unhealthy side-effects? Would people and the world at large still hate cigarettes? Probably not! And this is what an e-cigarette promises! 

There is something for everyone with electronic cigarettes. For the smokers, it provides them a better alternative to normal cigarettes. What is the driving factor that makes smokers smoke cigarettes regardless of all their side-effects? It’s the throat hit and the oral sensation that keeps them addicted while the innate desire to light up a cigarette when tense or happy just doesn’t go away. The electronic cigarette can do that all for the smokers and yet, keep them safe from the harmful side-effects of a traditional cigarette.

For the world in general, the electronic cigarettes offer a relief too. Non-smokers just don’t hate the cigarettes for what they threaten to do with the health of their friends and family but what annoys them equally is the harmful side-effects that they and their environment gets subjected to. The smoke of a traditional cigarette carries carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be pretty dangerous for people who inhale the smoke passively and for the environment where the smoke finally ends up. The electronic cigarette smoke doesn’t have these two most dangerous gases and thus, e-cigs aren’t that much of an issue either for the general public or for the atmosphere at large. You can can click here for Information about the electronic cigarette to know more about the e-cigarette smoke.

The Constituents of an E-Cigarette

People often wonder as to how different the e-cigarette is from a traditional cigarette. And the answer to the question lies in the study of the constituents that make up the electronic cigarette. While a traditional cigarette only has rolled up tobacco, the electronic cigarette is totally different as far as its constituents are concerned. The three major constituents of an e-cigarette are:

•The Mouth Piece

•The E-liquid

•The atomizer

The e-cig looks just like a traditional cigarette though there is no need to light it up with a match. You just turn it on and the atomizer vaporizes the e-liquid and then the vaporized liquid is inhaled by the smoker through the mouth piece. Since there is no need to burn anything, the e-cig smoke is considered safer than the smoke of the tobacco cigarette. You can Information about the electronic cigarette to know more about the constituents. 

E-Liquid and its Varying Flavors

The e-liquid is probably the most interesting constituent of the e-cig as its composition dictates most of the things. Since the e-liquid is vaporized, the smoke depends entirely on what is present in the e-liquid. The e-liquid usually consists of liquid nicotine and a flavor of the choice of the smoker. E-liquid bottles come with different flavors like mint, apple, chocolate, coffee, tobacco etc and thus, you could really experiment with these flavors to take out the monotony in taste as well. You can click here for Information about the electronic cigarette to know about the various e-liquid flavors that are available at the moment. 

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes Over Tobacco Cigarettes

There are many advantages of electronic cigarettes that make them a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are safer because there isn’t any tar or tobacco present. Moreover, since the constituents are vaporized rather than burnt and as a result the smoke produced doesn’t have any carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. 


One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they are cheaper and that don’t burn a hole in your pocket regardless of the frequency with which you smoke. Even though the initial investment is a tad higher, the e-cig atomizer and mouth piece can be reused time and again and thus, you wouldn’t need to spend every time you would want a smoke as compared to tobacco cigarettes. You can click here for Information about the electronic cigarette to know how cheap they prove to be. 


There is monotony in the taste of tobacco cigarettes. You would get that same bad after-taste in your mouth at all times. This isn’t the case with e-cigs which have the capacity of offering a different taste every time due to all the different flavors. You can click here for Information about the electronic cigarette to find out more about the throat hit and taste of e-cigs. 

All in all, electronic cigarettes offer a brilliant alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Making use of technology, the e-cigs are far safer, cheaper and tastier than the traditional cigarettes. 



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