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Electronic Cigarettes

Technology has changed everything in our lives. Our entire lifestyle has been revolutionized by technology. From the way we travel to the way we communicate, we can witness the impact of technology everywhere. The horse-carts that were used to help us travel have now been taken over by cars and trains while the mails that were sent through earlier have now transformed into e-mails. And all of this change has been for the better and for our own good.

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes remain another gift of technology and they are obviously for the better too. Tobacco cigarettes have been the only choice for smokers who can’t simply control their urge to light up a cigarette whenever they are going through intense emotions be it happiness or sadness, anger or tension. However, technology has helped paved a way for an alternative for cigarettes as well in the form of electronic cigarettes. You can click here for Information about electronic cigarette to find out more about e-cigarettes.

Just like e-mail totally revolutionized our medium of communication, e-cigarettes have the capacity to change how the world perceives smoking. There is no doubt that half of the world dislikes smokers and cigarettes for what cigarette does to the smoker in particular and to the people and environment around him in general. There is also no doubt that around half of the world who sympathize with the smokers feels that smokers haven’t really got a choice. However, with the emergence of electronic cigarettes, this argument can finally be put to bed and for good reason.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Before delving into why electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes, let’s just give you an introduction about e-cigarettes at first. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices designed to look similar to a traditional cigarette. However, the similarities end right there.

An electronic cigarette consists of a mouthpiece, an atomizer and an e-liquid bottle. The e-liquid consists of liquid nicotine and this liquid solution is atomized/vaporized using the atomizer so as to create dense vapors that look similar to smoke. Afterwards, the mouthpiece delivers the vapors into the mouth and thus, creates a similar throat hit and oral sensation as produced by the tobacco cigarette. You can click here for Information about electronic cigarette to know more about how e-cigs work.

How Electronic Cigarettes are Different than Tobacco Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes may seem similar to tobacco cigarettes on first look but they are as different from one another as possible.

•    Tobacco cigarettes create smoke by burning tobacco while e-cigarettes create smoke by vaporizing liquid.

•    The tobacco cigarette smoke contains carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (gases produced as a result of burning tobacco) while the e-cigarette smoke is free of any such harmful gases (since liquid nicotine isn’t burnt but vaporized).

•    Tobacco cigarettes leave a bad after-taste and a poor smell while e-cigarettes deliver a much better after-taste via its various e-liquid flavors.

•    Tobacco cigarettes can only be used once while an e-cigarette can continuously be used for days together. You can click here Information about electronic cigarette to see how inexpensive it makes them.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

There are different types of electronic cigarettes to meet the demand of the general public. For casual smokers who want to enjoy a smoke every now and then, disposable cigarettes are the best option as it allows them to enjoy a great smoke for a very cheap price. For regular smokers who simply can’t resist a smoke every now and then, rechargeable and voltage cigarettes are the best options. These cigarettes come with a starter kit and you would only need to change the e-liquid bottle in the cartridge and charge the device to continuously use them. You can click here for Information about electronic cigarette to check out various starter kits and their prices.

Various E-liquid Flavors

The thing which makes electronic cigarettes stand out apart from their health benefit over traditional cigarettes is the presence of various e-liquid flavors. The flavors are usually mixed with liquid nicotine and thus, when the liquid gets vaporized, the essence of the flavor is retained in the vapor laden smoke. As a result, the throat hit and the oral sensation feel quite different and fresh and leave a better after-taste in the mouth too.

There are various flavors that you can try out with e-cigarettes. You can find flavors like mint, apple, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, cinnamon amongst others on various e-liquid stores and each of them promises something different as far as taste is concerned. You can can click here for Information about electronic cigarette to check out the various e-liquid flavors available.

All in all, electronic cigarettes are here to stay and you should surely try them out as they are obviously a safer alternative. With different types of e-cigarettes and with so many different e-liquid flavors, switching to e-cigs will help you get a taste of something different every now and then!


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