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With the number of smokers increasing with every passing year, the number of people who are quitting smoking has also seen a massive rise. It is a strange scenario. Nonetheless, a lot of people around the globe have started understanding the negative effects smoking can have on their health. With the world paying more attention to the deadly risks that one runs by indulging in smoking, the awareness is much more than ever before. However, in spite of all the awareness, the number of people who are taking up this bad habit has not really seen any kind of major fall in the recent years. The reason a person takes up smoking can be as wide and varied as the ocean itself you can click here for Information about Electronic cigarettes..

Here are some reasons why psychiatrists suggest that people take to smoking

·         Curiosity about what happens when smoking is taken up.

·         An age old idea which suggests that- smoking makes a person much cooler and sophisticated in the social setting.

·         Mental status that leads the person to believe that external help such as smoking is essential to deal with emotional problems.

·         Myth which suggests that smoking helps relieve stress.

·         Social pressure- Influenced by peers.

 Effects of smoking

Smoking is a deadly addiction and this is known by everybody. The reason behind this is very well known too. The Nicotine which is present in the cigarette is addictive. The tobacco content causes the lung to undergo damage and the lung tissues to undergo degeneration. The effects of smoking include: chronic coughing, decreased lung functioning, increase in blood pressure and heart beat rate, decreased oxygen transport capacity of blood, weaker immune system which run high risk of being susceptible to various forms of infections and allergies, decreased bone density, reduced count of sperms in men, drastic reduction in fertility, high risk of miscarriage, health problems during pregnancy in women, pre-matured wrinkling and aging effects, increased risk of heart diseases and over sixty forms of cancer that can target various organs of the body. you can click here for Information about Electronic cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes and their benefits


Electronic cigarettes are hugely popular with people who are trying to kick the butt effectively. Since, nicotine which is present in tobacco has been identified as the substance which causes the addiction; this technique ensures that a person gets his share of nicotine without abusing his body with tobacco. These electronic cigarettes generally contain a vaporizing liquid which on heating produces similar effect that one feels when smoking. An electronic cigarette mainly comprises of an atomizer, a power source and a container system. The liquid which contains varying amounts of nicotine is replaceable and is usually flavored for the benefit of the smokers. 


Many countries from around the world have granted cigarette manufacturers the license to manufacture e- cigarettes on medical grounds. And, they are classified as Medical devices. Some of the very important benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes are listed below:


·         Cigarettes are a social nuisance. Gone are the days when a smoker was considered stylish and classy. These days, smoking is frowned upon and is considered rude behavior under normal social circumstances. The odor, the negative health effects and the effects of passive smoking have made people repulsive of this habit. Using E- cigarettes is far more acceptable and is an indication of a person who is willing to acknowledge his shortcomings and is working on them. This makes it lot more acceptable than blowing cigarette in people’s faces at social gatherings or meetings.

·         While it has not yet been disclosed how much healthier is an e-cigarette in comparison to a conventional cigarette, its obvious benefits cannot be declined. The fact that tobacco and other chemicals that go into making a conventional cigarette are not used makes it a healthier choice.

·         The cost benefits are unbelievable with an electronic cigarette. The E-cigarettes are a little more expensive when the entire kit is bought at first. However, later it is only a matter of replacing the liquid with newer ones. With increased rate of production of cigarettes, buying an e-cigar rete is a much cheaper option for a heavy smoker.

·         Apart from being available in various flavors, e-cigarettes do not produce the distinct tobacco odor. This odor causes irritation. The use of e-cigar rete prevents each of your possession from smelling like it has been smoked on relentlessly.


Even though the benefits of e-cigarettes in terms of both health and cost are undeniable, switching from the conventional ones is a difficult task for smokers. As society the non-smokers have to be supportive and encouraging of bringing about a change in their smoker friend rather than discourage and humiliate them. Smoking is not a sign of weakness. It is an addiction and should be treated like one. With constant efforts and determination overcoming this habit should not be a problem.


Here are some success stories to motivate you.

Quitting Smoking was always on my mind. But with the help of the ecig technology and the easy and simple tips here,I was actually able to say No to Smoking. It is nothing short of a miracle.

By Juanita A. Sanders
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People have been trying to quit smoking for ages. With the right assistance, who knew that it would be so simple. Our employees keep each other motivated and are able to get throught the challenges of a no- nicotine plan with ease. 

By Gay C. Wells

I have never seen such effective tips anywhere on the internet. Now my family and I are happy because we can actually see an imporvement in my ability to stay calm and focused without the regular nicotine fix. 

By Martin K. Lacoste
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