I Need an Electronic Cigarette

If you are a smoker, at some time, you would have used the words, “I need a cigarette” and it really is just that- a need. Although non-smokers may argue that you simply “want” a cigarette, you know that if it was as easy as that, there is a good chance that you wouldn’t be a smoker in the first place.

The Facts

The fact is that smoking is harmful in many ways- your health, the health of the people around you, the environment, your bank balance… we’ve all heard the warnings and experienced the criticism. Yet, we continue to smoke. Now some people don’t want to quit. “It’s just my thing” or “I don’t care what the dangers are” are common words that smokers may utter when challenged about their smoking habits. There are other people however who have tried to quit, some many times and some who are really just too scared to try and fail. Some people would love an alternative to smoking a conventional cigarette but what are the alternatives? Are there even any alternatives?

We Have the Answer

Yes, there are alternatives to smoking conventional cigarettes, a great one being Electronic Cigarettes  or commonly known as E-cigarettes or E-cigs. A simple and rather wonderful technological advancement brought to us thanks to years of research and testing. E-cigarettes are better for your health since they don’t contain many of the contaminates that you find in your usual “ciggie”. They are also free from side effects such as yellow teeth, smoke and bad smells that non-smokers always complain about. Electronic cigarettes have the great advantage of providing all the sensations and satisfaction of smoking a conventional cigarette without the nasty accompaniments.  

But What if I Don’t Like it?

 We all have different tastes in, well, everything. So why should our preference for cigarettes or E-cigarettes in this case be any different? There are many variations of the E-cigarette such a nicotine presence and strength. Many electronic cigarettes offer different strengths from a nicotine perspective ranging from no nicotine to very strong. A great advantage of this is that you can start with a stronger presence of nicotine if necessary and gradually reduce the amount contained in your e-cig as you become less dependent on the chemical. This gives you another way of reducing your smoking dependency, perhaps even to the point of being able to, or wanting to quit.

 Convinced? Start Here…

 An excellent place to start is the Innokin iTaste VV/VW 3.0 (express kit) electronic cigarette http://www.vapourmate.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/innokin-itaste-express-3-0-electronic-cig. This product provides the user with an enhanced and innovative experience and has a variety of advanced features that one would expect from a world class electronic cigarette. Some of its key features include Voltage and Wattage Control, an LED battery indicator as well as Settings Retention and many more.

If you are still not convinced or do not fancy that option, you can also take a look at the Vapourmate Double ego starter kit This remarkable product is ideal for those who are new to e-cigs and who want a quick and easy way to get the best experience possible. It comes complete with everything you need to get started. 


A third option would be to try out the iTaste EP iclear16 kit (http://www.vapourmate.co.uk/collections/ecigarettes/products/itaste-ep-iclear16-kit) – the smallest iTaste available that certainly isn’t small in terms of what it has to offer. With a great range of features, it’s perfect for those who want a compact solution.


It’s Simple!

Quite simply, it is clear that the electronic cigarette can offer you a viable alternative to conventional cigarettes- it is better for your health, the environment and it also won’t chase your non-smoking friends away when you open up the box and light up. Although there is a movement for E-cigarettes to be regulated as medicines, this is not the case at the moment.


You really have nothing to lose. You can still say, “I need a cigarette” or now even, “I want a cigarette” without the looks and rolling eyes from your non-smoking friends. You also don’t have to walk away from social places or stand outside in the freezing weather or hot sun to get your fix since electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke but vapour instead.


So no matter who you are and whether you are a die-hard smoker, a casual social smoker or someone who wants to or who is trying to quit, the electronic cigarette can be just the option for you! You can weigh the options for yourself and make the decision for yourself.


Here are some success stories to motivate you.

Quitting Smoking was always on my mind. But with the help of the ecig technology and the easy and simple tips here,I was actually able to say No to Smoking. It is nothing short of a miracle.

By Juanita A. Sanders
Print Design

People have been trying to quit smoking for ages. With the right assistance, who knew that it would be so simple. Our employees keep each other motivated and are able to get throught the challenges of a no- nicotine plan with ease. 

By Gay C. Wells

I have never seen such effective tips anywhere on the internet. Now my family and I are happy because we can actually see an imporvement in my ability to stay calm and focused without the regular nicotine fix. 

By Martin K. Lacoste
Rack N Sack