Can’t Quit Smoking? All You Need is to Know The Right Way!

Have all your efforts to quit smoking ended up being just another New Year resolution? Well, nicotine can really mess with your system and sometimes it takes a lot more than strong will to kick the habit and lead a life of good health.  When you see success stories of people who have gone from being chain smokers to teetotalers, you definitely get motivated. But the impending question here is, are you taking the right path to a life free of addiction? Let us first understand what makes it so hard to say no to a cigarette.

Why is It So Hard to Quit?

There are two parts to smoking- the actual addiction and the psychological habit. The primary damage is induced by nicotine which gives you that temporary high that can get extremely addictive. Once your body gets used to a regular dose of nicotine, you experience several withdrawal symptoms that can be quite painful, when you try to quit. The calming effect of nicotine on the brain often becomes an individual’s way of coping with stress, anxiety, depression and sometimes, boredom.

This is the psychological bit of it. Physically, smoking becomes part of a your daily routine. People often exhibit a certain pattern in their smoking cravings. Some of them prefer to smoke just after a meal, some smoke when they take a break from work and for some it is just a social protocol.

So with the dual effect of smoking, it takes more than just a strong will power to kick the habit for good.

Your No- Smoking Plan

There is a simple 5 step process that will help you ease your way into a nicotine free life:

·         Set a Date: No goal is achieved without a deadline. Similarly even when you are changing your habits, you must make sure you decide upon a date. It could vary from two weeks to six weeks as per your comfort. This will help you understand your smoking pattern and concentrate only on the times when you need to control smoking.

·         Speak to Your Family and Friends: Tell your close friends and family about your plan to quit smoking. This is important as you will be in the need of support through the withdrawals. You can even select a few members in your close circle to monitor your progress and keep you motivated.

·         Be Prepared for the Challenges: How do you plan to deal with all the cravings and the withdrawals. Make a strategy right in the beginning so that you are not caught off guard. If you can control these effects for three months, you are on your way to recovery.

·         Get rid of the tobacco products: Even the sight or smell of tobacco can lead to a relapse. Have your car shampooed, get you upholstery changed if necessary and get rid of all your cigarette packs.

·         Get Professional Help: You can talk to your doctor or even seek rehabilitation if you feel like you cannot manage to recover on your own. You can get several medical products like nicotine lozenges and nicotine patches that can help you reduce the ill effects of withdrawal.



If you want to quit, you need a plan. Talk to us now and we will make sure you are on the road to recovery. 


Here are some success stories to motivate you.

Quitting Smoking was always on my mind. But with the help of the ecig technology and the easy and simple tips here,I was actually able to say No to Smoking. It is nothing short of a miracle.

By Juanita A. Sanders
Print Design

People have been trying to quit smoking for ages. With the right assistance, who knew that it would be so simple. Our employees keep each other motivated and are able to get throught the challenges of a no- nicotine plan with ease. 

By Gay C. Wells

I have never seen such effective tips anywhere on the internet. Now my family and I are happy because we can actually see an imporvement in my ability to stay calm and focused without the regular nicotine fix. 

By Martin K. Lacoste
Rack N Sack